One of the Last Places Where Soomaalinimo Finds Refuge!

As Somalia is facing the most serious internal and external challenges threatening its existence as a free nation, as our people have been suffering for the past quarter of a century, and our nation is being Balkanized along clan lines, it is clear that no single political, social, or religious group or a party can address these daunting challenges alone. Hence, the establishment of Saving Maandeeq as a broad-based movement to bring together and unify all other political, social, and religious parties and movements to join and compound their clout, brain-power, and resources to save Somalia from destruction..

Indeed, nothing underlines the human interdependence and capacity to work for the common good more than when people are confronted with an existentialist threat that grossly undermines their collective identity and security.

It is time to realize that there are certain principles that transcend all individual, group, party, clan, or regional interests. It is time to transcend all our political, social, economic, gender, age, and ideological differences and lay the foundation for an all-inclusive effort toward reconciliation and peacefully reclaiming back our country. It is time to join our collective efforts in saving Maandeeq.

Of course, that does not mean that all political parties and civil societies must dissolve into one movement, but to collectively identify our common purpose and how to best work together.

Contact us: maandeeq@maandeeq.org

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